This is the BMW i3:

Love Southsea have teamed up with Snows BMW Portsmouth to raise awareness of the BMW i3, promoting the car's strong environmental credentials, impressive efficiency, and all-round brilliance in everyday city life. This promotional partnership in turn helps Love Southsea to continue investing in the local economy through the things we do best: street markets — giving local independent artists, creatives, makers, and traders the chance to thrive — and promoting Portsmouth and Southsea through our strong local connections and expert use of social media.

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The BMW i3 is different in concept and construction for pure electric driving on busy streets in and around Portsmouth. It offers an entirely new experience that combines impressive agility and exhilaration with the fascination of relaxing, near-silent driving.

For longer journeys, the BMW i3 with Range Extender automatically starts operating when the vehicle state of charge is deemed critical and can almost double the range on one tank of fuel, by combining the electric drive system with a two-cylinder engine.

The all-electric BMW eDrive system gives the BMW i3 powerful torque and impressive acceleration from a standing start. At the same time, the intelligent ECO PRO and ECO PRO+ modes ensure efficient energy management for equally impressive range capability.

What is the range of the BMW i3?

The i3 can drive between 75-100 miles per charge and this is increased to 150-170 on vehicles with the range extender. 

How long does it take to charge?

There are three different ways to charge the vehicle..

• Domestic Plug Socket: 8 – 10 hours

• Public charging or wall box: 3 hours

• DC Rapid charge: 30 minutes

What is the vehicle's top speed?

The i3 achieves 0 – 62mph in 7.2 seconds and the top speed has been limited to 93mph.

The unique qualities of the BMW i3 can be experienced at their very best in towns and cities such as Portsmouth and Southsea. With the agile electric motor transferring power directly to the rear wheels, a very small turning circle, and direct steering responses, you will experience pure driving pleasure even at low speeds.

Love Southsea Portsmouth Snows BMW i3

Intelligent Connectivity

Love Southsea Portsmouth Snows BMW i3

The BMW i3 is the first fully online all-electric vehicle, thanks to a bespoke range of BMW i ConnectedDrive solutions that have been specially developed for electric mobility. The intelligent BMW i Navigation system calculates the most efficient route to your destination, provides range assistance and displays charging station locations and availability based on real-time information. The BMW i Remote app connects your BMW i3 to your smartphone so you can access all vehicle data remotely, plan routes and manage charging times from anywhere in the world.

Love Southsea Portsmouth Snows BMW i3

The passenger compartment is built in high-strength carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) that not only reduces weight by being 30% lighter than aluminium but also provides optimum safety while enabling a spacious, open interior. No central tunnel, a free standing steering column, and raised seat positions give the interior a light and open feel. In addition, the rear seat and two individual front seats generate a completely new, cohesive sense of space, made even more appealing by the rear coach doors.

Information. Intelligently networked.

Dynamic range calculation, current charge status, the most efficient route — the BMW i3 keeps you constantly up to date with everything you need to know. Naturally, this is all provided inside the vehicle. It is also, however, available outside the car using a compatible smartphone, thanks to extensive BMW i ConnectedDrive Services.

Space for sustainability.

The optional interior worlds available for the BMW i3 include renewable, naturally-treated materials such as Eucalyptus wood, leather-tanned with olive leaves and climate-active wool, and emphasise both the sustainability and the premium quality of the vehicle.

Forward motion. The cutting edge.

Charging the BMW i3 is a simple matter of plugging the standard charge cable into a conventional socket at home. However, the optional wall-mounted BMW i Wallbox Pure charging station makes the process even faster and more convenient. Individual support is available for your BMW i with help on hand for every stage of the Wallbox installation and charging process.

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What is the cost of a basic model?

The i3 starts at £30,980 and the i3 with the Range Extender starts at £34,130. There is currently a Government Grant of £5000 that can be deducted from the list price. This brings the standard model price down to £25,980 and £29,130 for the i3 with the Range Extender.

Where can I charge the car?

The car can be charged at home using a domestic plug or with a wall box. There are also public charging points across the country and along the main motorway network. The vehicles come with Sat Nav as standard and this pin points where charge points are and whether they are in use.

How much does the battery cost to replace?

There is an eight-year warranty on the battery which offers piece of mind. The battery is modular in design and therefore individual cells can be replaced without having to change the whole battery.

How does driving an electric car compare to other cars?

The only way to truly experience an electric car is to drive one! Get in touch with Snows BMW on 02392 657 500. to organise a test drive.