Love Southsea


Renowned for taking an old classic — bubble and squeak — and poshing it up a bit to make for a truly delicious street food delicacy, Bubble& are a firm favourite of the food traders at the Love Southsea Markets.

At the heart of each Bubble& serving is a cake of potato, cabbage, and leek panfried to perfection, and then poshed up with a variety of appetite-whetting and palette-pleasing flavours, such as:

  • Classic: soft poached free-range egg, smoked streaky bacon, and hollandaise sauce
  • Pork shoulder: Szechuan-glazed pork shoulder, golden beetroot, and cider compote with the world's best crackling
  • Halloumi curry: halloumi and butternut squash coconut curry, crispy onions, and spiced and toasted cashews with coriander

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