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Beauty tips: raising my eyebrows with ‘brow tattoos’ at Changes Clinic

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Eyebrows! They‘re so hot right now — more so than ever before. Is it the Hollywood effect? The rise of fashion bloggers and vloggers in this egalitarian social media era showing us how to get flawless looks on a budget? Or maybe we could credit our lady and saviour Eyebrow Queen Cara Delevingne for raising eyebrow style?





I’ve tried a whole load of methods and techniques for getting my brows looking fantastic — ‘eyebrows on fleek’ is what the kids say nowadays, right? — and I ended up seeking the help and advice of an expert right here in Portsmouth. As you know, there’s nothing I love more than keeping things local!

Changes Clinic, based at Lakeside North Harbour, left all the plucking, waxing, threading, and tinting behind, and introduced me to a more permanent solution: ‘eyebrow tattoos’, known to some as ‘microblading’.

Similar in technique to getting a tattoo, microbladed eyebrows last one to five years depending on your skin type. Just last week, I plucked up the courage and went for it.

I made an appointment with clinic manager Amy, who reassured me that Changes had earned themselves the position of best-regarded makeup studio in the south at permanent makeup methods, so I knew I was in capable hands.

imagejpeg (4).jpg

Despite the word ‘clinic‘ in Changes’ name, the whole place feels more like a five-star hotel lounge tucked away in Lakeside, overlooking the beautiful lake — the homely atmosphere instantly makes you feel comfortable and indulged.

I opted for the microblading process because, now I’m in my mid-forties, my eyebrows have grown fairer over time and no longer have the definition I loved from my younger years. I told my makeup artist, Naomi, that I was hoping to get more of an arch, and that’s when she explained the permanent tattoo-esque approach to me.

And so the process began, with numbing cream being applied to my brows, and as soon as it took effect, Naomi took out what I can only describe as a spirit level that wouldn‘t look out of place in a toolbox!

As you’ll see in the above picture, my left eyebrow was much lower than my right eyebrow. All my life, I just thought I had one eye lower than the other, but it was all down to the brows!

After about 10 minutes, Naomi had outlined where my eyebrows should be, and worked out what colour ink I should have. I laid down, and there was no turning back!

As in tattooing, a gun is used, but it doesn’t go nearly as deep. Working with your own existing brows — no waxing or plucking here! — they get to work.

It hurt the tiniest amount, but definitely not something to cry over, and the whole thing only took 20 minutes for both eyebrows.

I’m still flabbergasted by the results — I’m so happy with them. They look natural, but made up! I have to pop along in six weeks for a top-up, and — like Mogwai from Gremlins! — I can’t get them wet for five days, but other than that, I’m all sorted.

I’m writing this three days in, and they’re not scabby like a tattoo. There’s no pain at all. I feel more awake now, and my eyes look less squashed. Plus, my morning makeup routine is a lot quicker now!

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