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Diet Diary with Changes Clinic: Final Day!

Life StoriesLouise WhitmoreComment

Wow, it’s been 144 hours since my last cup of coffee! A big thankyou to whoever invented cherry tea!

I am on the Changes Clinic pro-forma diet challenge for seven days — I had to eat only what they gave me, closely watched by their in-house doctor, Dr. Vincent.

Today was quite a bit different: I went back to the clinic for a full-body Promax Lipo treatment to aid my weight loss programme, draining away my lymphatic waste and tightening the skin as the weight is lost.

It’s not as scary as it sounds! I’ll talk you through it: I was given a white jumpsuit to put on, then asked to lay down on the bed. I was then Hoovered all over with a handheld sucking machine (pictured below!). The white suit helps the machine glide over your body easier.

After this, the day of reckoning was upon me: I had to get back on the scales to see what weight I had lost. To my joy, I’d lost half a stone! My clothes fit better now, and I have more energy. I’m less on edge now I’ve come off the caffeine.

One week later

All in all, it was a hard week leaving loads out of my diet, but fully worth it for me, as it has kickstarted better healthy eating habits. I carried on staying off the caffeine, and I’ve consciously thought about everything I’m eating, giving myself the odd treat here and there, but not every day.

My weight is gradually going down, and, without the caffeine, I’m level-headed all day, without having to cope with my caffeine come-down, and for the first time for years, I’m sleeping well.

Food can bring a lot of joy, but can also be the devil in disguise. Having too much sugar in your diet has been linked to so many major illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and tooth decay.

Taking a week out to analyse everything I was eating really brought my cravings to my attention, and highlighted my addictions. Pre-packaged food is an easy option when you’re leading a busy lifestyle, but taking the time to cook healthy well-balanced meals will be so worth your while in the long run.

Oh, and your waistline will love you back!

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