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Diet Diary with Changes Clinic Portsmouth: Day #2

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It’s been 48 hours since my last coffee. Why? I’m doing the seven-day Changes Clinic challenge to kickstart a fitter, healthier lifestyle!

If you read day one’s post, you would have seen I have to stick to a strict diet of five meals per day. I’m not great with authority or reform, so whilst it’s not the best choice, I opted to have a chocolate mousse for my breakfast. It was delicious! But I promised myself that I wouldn‘t have pudding tonight, and won’t go off track again.

Too much information, perhaps, but I‘ve been peeing for England! I’ve ditched milky teas in favour of fruity teas or just plain water, and seem to be spending half my time on the flippin’ loo!

Today, I was the guest speaker at a networking event, where they served up a delicious lunch of steak and chips! I had to sit there watching them all chow on the lovely chips, crying inside 😭

I had the same delicious chili as yesterday, instead, and my afternoon snack was the most lovely crunchy chocolate bar1

As the weekend arrived, I was so dog-tired from the switch away from caffeine and had a headache from hell — while the other half enjoyed his pink champagne! — but I went to bed at 9:00pm and had the most rejuvenating sleep ever.