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Diet Diary with Changes Clinic Portsmouth: Day 3

Life StoriesLouise WhitmoreComment

It’s been 72 hours since my last coffee!

I’ve taken up Changes Clinic’s one-week diet challenge, working closely with them and their in-house doctor, Dr. Vincent. Why do this? I really wanted to kickstart a healthier lifestyle with better eating.

I have only ever been on a diet once before. It was the summer of 2015 — my workload suddenly doubled. I was working full-time at Love Southsea, and full-time for Mutiny Festival (pictured above with my other half, Charley, 100ft up in the air!), while also running my household of three kids and a dog!

I was basically running on caffeine and fast food. For the first time in my life, I suffered from anxiety, and was not coping at all well. So, to get me through the season, I quit all caffeine and refined sugar. I cooked everything from scratch and worked out two times per week.

The purpose of the diet was focused on my mental health, not my waistline, but as I worked like this for six months, you can imagine that I looked good! For the first time since my early 20s, I was back down to 12 stone, and a 14 in dress size.

I retired from the festival in 2015, so as soon as I was back only working one job, I slid down the slippery slope to my old ways. I won’t tell you what happened after my first coffee after six months of being caffeine-free, but I’ll say it involved a rather loud trip to the loo in a very old West End theatre during a family day out in London!

So, back to the present: as of the first day of my diet, I was 13 stone and 5'8". With my mental health in check, I need to diet to 1) get into my jeans and 2) to reprogramme my brain into eating better again. It’s not as extreme as my last diet, as we still get to have snacks — on day three, I was even allowed to treat myself to the most tasty crunchy chocolate bar!

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