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Startup Heroes: unlikely entrepreneur Fleur Emery

EventsLulu WhitmoreComment

Unlikely entrepreneur Fleur Emery presents an inspiring free talk at our latest Startup Heroes event in collaboration with Entrepreneurs Unite, at Lakeside 1000.

Having made a living playing poker and being, in her own words, ‘unemployable’, Fleur claims to have been able to fit everything she knew about business on the back of stamp.

Despite this, she started a porridge brand from her kitchen that made it to Waitrose 18 months later. She followed that up with a craft lager startup (despite being teetotal) which sold into The Ritz Hotel and The Soho House Group three months after launch, and a design agency which had a client list that included Howies, Herman ze German, and Peppersmith.

Fleur is known for her eye-watering honesty about her own failures as well as successes, and for upsetting MBAs by telling audiences that you don’t need to be able to read or write to start a company. If you have a business or dream of starting one, come and be inspired by this true industry maverick.

The talk, which takes place on Thursday 7th April 2016 and runs from 6:00pm ’til 8:00pm, is completely free, though booking is required via Eventbrite »