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#GirlBoss: Builder and Interior Designer Steph Marshall

#GirlBossLouise WhitmoreComment
Photo of Steph and her girls by  Copperpeg Photography

Photo of Steph and her girls by Copperpeg Photography

Meet Steph Marshall, #GirlBoss and entrepreneur to the full. Steph is the founder and director of Sea Salt Studio, established in 2015. Here’s her story:

Since a very early age, Steph was thrown into the deep end of property development and interior design by her mum and step-dad. As a little girl, Steph remembers taking the property plans given to her by her mother, to redesign the rooms and work out where each piece of furniture would go.

With both parents having a passion for building, development, and interior design, Steph loved walking around building sites and visiting potential properties that they were looking to buy, either to live in or to develop and sell.

Steph tells me she remembers a big house they were living in, in Priory Crescent. They had taken the whole of the back of the house off to make way for a double-storey extension.

Step has also grown up with creative influences her whole life. Both her mother and grandmother ran florists, and always worked for themselves. It was only natural that Steph would do the same.

As Steph had her two beautiful children at a young age — Matilda at 20, soon followed by Iris to her husband cliff — she worked home on an Open University course in interior design, which led to a full-time four-year course in architecture. Steph remembers her university mates asking her out with them, and her telling them that’s when she’d be off on the school run!

If you follow Steph on Instagram, you‘ll see she loves everything nautical-related, so, in 2015, she launched Sea Salt Design Studio, specialising in home redesign, building work, and interior design — a one-stop shop from start to finish for your whole project.

Steph told me that in her own experience, and that of her family and friends, that the field of construction is typically male-oriented, often resulting in teams who can install new kitchens or bathrooms but may sometimes lack the skills or knowledge to polish the finer points in line with current ‘cool’ trends.

Steph and her prominently female management team are available to take on your project from start to finish, and they’re super friendly and approachable, all the way through the building journey!

Oh, and here are Steph’s dogs: