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#GirlBoss: Southsea hair colourist Sarah Spiers of Two Hair Design

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Meet Sarah Spiers, Southsea’s queen of hair colouring, who left London in 2016 and, luckily for us, headed to Portsmouth to work from Two Colouring & Hair Design on Albert Road.

In this Girl Boss interview, Sarah tells us all about her career path and gives us some great haircare advice.

Hello Sarah! Thanks for taking the time to talk to Love Southsea.

Not a problem, thank you for the invitation!

So, where did your passion for hair begin?

Well, for that, I’d have to go back to the 1980s. That’s where it all started for me. I was educated by the best at Toni & Guy, and by Trevor Sorbie in the west end of London. My training began during one of the most creative and experimental eras for colour in hairdressing, so I had the chance to go crazy on models for shoots and competitions. When I brought that stuff back into the salon, my colleagues were super eager to learn my techniques. And so, I naturally made my start in hair education!

This lead me to work at Paul Edmond’s salon in Knightsbridge, where we partnered with the BBC to work alongside the costume department in creating colours for films like Calendar Girls, Bridget  Jones, and The Forsyte Saga, to name a few.

After my experience at Paul’s, I worked as a manager at Brooks & Brooks in Holborn, one of the most prestigious salons in London. This taught me even more about how the experience in the salon should be, and how working as a team creates a happy family. I also learned that communication is very important to get the best results all-round.

For me, it all boils down to giving clients the best experience possible. Giving an in-depth consultation to all clients to make sure the best results are achieved in every sense, and ensuring both our stylists and our clients understand everything that needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome. Also, helping clients understand the best colour for their hair and skin is key.

I love to keep hair beautiful, healthy, and natural. Bringing out natural shine and tone where needed. No one colour is the same. Each person has their own natural contours, tones, and textures that can be enhanced in many ways. There is a blonde, dark, and red for everyone out there.

Very interesting, so much that I just never thought about before!

Yes, there are a lot of layers to hairdressing. Literally!

Haha! So how can I keep my hair in the best condition at home, between colours?

Try to use a professional shampoo, ideally a plant-based one, as it’s better for the environment. Also, when you use a plant-based product, you know exactly where it’s coming from and what you’re putting on your hair, unlike a manmade product that’s full of chemicals which may make your hair dry and brittle, and cause your scalp to become sore. The chemicals also have a nasty habit of stripping the colour off your hair a lot quicker.

I highly recommend Davines, which we sell and work with at Two. It’s a vegan, natural shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair and tips in really good condition, and glossy. It’s actually not that expensive, compared to other shampoos on the market. They also have a range of coloured shampoos, which work especially well for redheads, who tend to fade. The colour shampoos give you more longitude between colours.

Going to have to get some of that for myself, then! How about hair growth, what’s the best supplement for that?

Well, it often starts with your diet. But if you’re wanting to grow your hair, royal jelly is superb. It comes as capsules or as a tonic, and both are excellent.

Another top tip is, invest in an 100% silk scarf and bedsheets. Silk properties benefit the hair while sleeping, as they add shine, encourage natural oils to penetrate the hair, and ultimately just give you more lustre and volume. Also works well for wrinkles!

To get started with colour, how do people actually book it in?

If you’re wanting to colour your hair in any way, it should be seen as new every time. Because hair changes every time, as your hair is organic, so it changes every month due to your hormones and other natural elements.

So you’ll need a thorough consultation just to check your skin tone and any other changes. If you’re going to a new hairdresser, they should do a patch test a week before your appointment. This needs to be done in case you have an allergic reaction to the colour your salon chooses.

Demystify balayage for us — what does it mean?

A lot of people think it’s a colour, but it’s not — it’s a technique. It’s a freehand highlighting method to create a natural flow from the roots to the ends. There are loads of techniques for creating different effects, ranging from heavy contrasts to somewhat more natural looks.

Going from dark to blonde seems impossible sometimes — can it be done?

Of course! But it’s not an overnight achievement. It can sometimes take months to achieve the look you want, because you don’t want to rush it. You want to keep your hair in optimum condition and avoid destroying your scalp.

What’s the focus on the scalp all about, why is that important?

Well, just below the scalp, there are tiny bulbs from which your hairs grow. They contain all the nutrients fed by the blood supply. When you wash your hair, you’re treating your scalp. And that promotes healthy hair, naturally! Your hairdresser should be able to advise you on how often you should be washing your hair. It varies for everyone.

Another way of keeping your scalp and hair bulbs healthy is to get the blood flowing to your head. Doing a spot of yoga and doing the downward dog or laying on your bed with your head off the edge for a couple of minutes each day. Or, get a head massage!

Peppermint is fantastic for treating circulation, and so is Olaplex. Olaplex also just generally improves the overall health of your hair.

So is my hair unhealthy, because I lose so much of it when I brush it each morning!

No, don’t panic! The average head loses hundreds of hairs every day. But if you want complete peace of mind or feel like certain patches are thinning, get yourself to the doctor and have a blood test, because you might be deficient in iron or have a thyroid issue.

Well I think that just about covers everything — thanks again for your time Sarah!

Again, the pleasure is mine. Anyone wanting to know more or book an appointment at Two can call 02392 177 200 or visit