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Portsmouth politicians answer: ‘why should we vote for you?’

Lulu Whitmore1 Comment

We asked Portsmouth South’s candidates in the June 8th snap general election to describe in 200 words or less why the people of Portsmouth and Southsea should vote for them. Here are their responses, ordered by quickest response to most recent response.

Candidates who did not issue a response before the set deadline of 12:00pm noon on Wednesday 7th June 2017 have been marked as ‘Awaiting response’.

Stephen Morgan — Labour

I was born and raised in Portsmouth. Generations of my family have worked in the city’s public services, something I’ve been doing for twenty years.

I’m proud to serve as a city councillor, and volunteer, to bring about the change our city so desperately needs. I would be even more humbled to serve our city, and our country, as our MP. 

It’s time for someone local - from here, for here - to be a strong and authentic voice for Portsmouth in Parliament. Someone who has the necessary skills, and who cares for our city and for the community they grew up in.  

I will fight for school funding, good jobs, economic growth and investment in Portsmouth - from the dockyard to the city centre and beyond. I will champion so much more - from affordable homes, to getting more bobbies on the beat, to joining up health services. 

I’ll work with our communities and businesses, to help make Portsmouth more secure, prosperous, fair and ambitious. 

Local polls say only Labour can beat the Tories in Portsmouth South. Last time the Lib Dem vote collapsed here by -49.9%. We CAN win. Together we CAN make this city a better place to live.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson — Liberal Democrats

For the last fifteen years I’ve worked to make this city a better place to live and work. I'm proud to call Portsmouth home. I want to use my local experience to serve people here.

Two years ago Lib Dems lost this seat to the Tories. Since then, I’ve been sad to see Portsmouth repeatedly hit by cuts. 

Right now, Portsmouth needs an MP with a proven local record of action to stand up for our city. I’ll be independent minded, and will work tirelessly, putting Portsmouth’s people before party politics.

Schools here are facing losses of almost £10 million by 2019. Our NHS is on its knees. That’s why I support Lib Dem plans to put billions into both. I’ve also worked with the NHS to look at using empty buildings at St James's to build a new Cottage Hospital to ease pressure on the system. 

If you want change, and better for Portsmouth, a Lib Dem is the best chance. I'm pleased the Progressive Alliance (and four other independent organisations) have advised Lib Dem, Labour, and Green voters that I have the best chance against the Tories.

I’d be honoured to be your local champion, fighting for Portsmouth.

Flick Drummond — Conservative

Since winning the election in 2015 I have been a strong and effective voice for Portsmouth South in Parliament. I have been working to put my positive “Plan for Portsmouth” into effect, and in those two years I have already made good progress. As an MP in the governing party, I can get hold of Ministers in a way that others can’t, and the Government always gets to hear what we want in Portsmouth.

Two ongoing projects of mine which tackle issues of real importance in Portsmouth are aimed at getting help for the homeless, and tackling loneliness. I am always ready to help people, and I have been able to assist over 4000 constituents already with a variety of problems. Do get in touch if I can help you.

Under this Government more people than ever in Portsmouth have jobs: unemployment is down 60%. Our schools have gone from failing to including some of the best in the country. The city is recognised nationally as an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family.

We now have one of the best universities in Europe. Portsmouth is prospering under the Conservatives — that is why I support the government.

Ian McCulloch — Green Party

Awaiting response.

Kevan Chippindall-Higgin — UKIP

Awaiting response.