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Southsea jeweler Charlotte Cornelius crafts beautiful custom rings

Louise Whitmore1 Comment

Over the years, I’ve inherited rings and jewelry from past relatives, gold bracelets from my mother, diamond rings from a great aunt — the list goes on! But I couldn’t wear any of these pieces because they were either too small, in need of mending, or just downright ugly (sorry mum!).

When my first daughter was born, my husband bought me an aquamarine ring, as her eyes were blue, so when daughter number two came along, named Ruby, she kept nagging me to get a ruby ring!

So with all this in mind — and with Ruby now aged 12! — I commissioned Charlotte Cornelius to make me the impossible: a ring designed by my three children which I can wear every day.

Their brief to her was a silver ring with a giant rose quartz stone (my love for the color pink runs deep), held in place with tiny angel wings (input from daughter number one), sat on a base of gold pebbles to represent the beach, with rubies (for Ruby) and diamonds for my son (named Elliott Diamond, and my maiden name).

Charlotte took all these requests onboard and came up with a really pretty design. She sourced a pretty cushion-cut rose quartz and some deep red rubies. We melted down the gold I already owned, and reused the diamonds I had from my great aunt’s ring.

This is not an easy task, as I wanted to wear the ring every day, and didn’t want it to look too childish — but boy, did my trust in Charlotte pay off! The results were superb, and my children presented me with my new ring a couple of days before Christmas. I was stunned!

It’s beautiful. I wear it every day, and think of my children each time I look at it.

If you have rings you would like to remodel, or have a special design in your mind you want to turn into a beautiful reality — from earrings and necklaces to rings and bangles — Charlotte and her team are the people to go to.

All of her work is carried out in-house and sent to be hallmarked at the Assay Office in London.