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#GirlBoss Amba Tremain talks Urban Vocal Group, Boy George, and Eva Cassidy

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The first time I saw Amba was at a gig at The Wedgewood Rooms. She was on stage, I was in the crowd, in awe of her and her sister, thinking, ‘wow, these girls can sing!’ This was circa 2006. 10 years on, I’m great friends with Amba, and on a sunny but chilly day last month, I met up with her for a cake and a cuppa to dig deeper, to share this remarkable lady’s story. Amba’s life has had more ups and downs than the Skyways rollercoaster at Clarence Pier! So grab yourself a cuppa and let me take you into Amba's world for a while. 

Portsmouth #GirlBoss: Shelley Buxey, her Hackney HIITsters, and StrongLiving PT

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Today, I hopped on the Gosport Ferry from Portsmouth to meet Shelley Buxey, a personal trainer and sports therapist. Shelley has recently moved back home to Gosport from London to settle down, and has created a new style of gym workout right here in Portsmouth, at StrongLiving PT!

Shelley went to school in Gosport at Bay House, where she discovered her love of running! Bay House didn't just nurture her academically — they nurtured her specialist interest in sport, too, so she was in good hands. Shelley ran for the county from the age of 13 through to 15.