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‘The Southsea Food Tour: Love Southsea Street Market’ by Emily Priest

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Talented local writer and blogger Emily Priest paid a visit to the Love Southsea Market at the beginning of the month and wrote about the food that was on offer!

“On the first weekend of every month, Palmerston Road becomes filled with colour and life as the market stalls move in. It becomes a cultural centre of delicious delicacies and twinkling trinkets.

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“There were countless more other stalls that I spied but I couldn’t afford to spend any more. Bath bombs, tea towels, artwork, necklaces, and T-Shirts were some of the many things you could buy.

“Love Southsea had their own stall where you could get one of their iconic anchor and swallow shirts. If you want to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone then this is certainly the place. When else do you get so much all at once, with no one thing being the same?”