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#GilrBoss: Unbreaking my back at Everybody Pilates!

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Amy from Everybody Pilates!

Amy from Everybody Pilates!

The wealth of talent we have right here in Portsmouth continues to amaze me — the latest inspiring figure I've met in our great city is Amy Kellow, a classical Pilates teacher, trainer, and mentor.

Amy has been teaching classical Pilates in Southsea for 10 years, and she's a #GirlBoss of her own studio, Everybody Pilates, with partner Ed Jordan.

She also created a franchise from the Everybody Pilates brand, to support people with a passion for the fitness system in opening their own studios and teaching methods direct from Pilates inventor Joseph Pilates.

Amy learned from Jay Grimes, one of the world's most famous and influential Pilates gurus. Jay himself learned direct from Joseph in the mid-sixties before he passed away in 1967.

Amy has completed a programme of study with Jay, studying Joseph's methods. She's one of just 18 people worldwide to have been selected for these studies, and is the only person in the UK to have completed the programme!

A time-lapse of one of my workouts with Amy!

What is classical Pilates?

Classical Pilates uses all of the equipment Joseph Pilates invented, including reformers, cadillacs, WundaChairs, mats, spine correctors, and even toe correctors! The whole fitness system is based around balancing and strengthening the body.

Though, to the untrained eye, Pilates equipment looks like something out of a medieval torture chamber, in the right hands, they work wonders!

I've enlisted Amy and her team to help me with my bad back. After giving birth to three children, I had poor posture and weak stomach and bum muscles — I'm in desperate need of strengthening for these areas of my body to get flexible and sturdy!

Pilates is not only good for mums or expectant mums, but brilliant for anyone wanting to improve their game! From elite athletes to world-class boxers — Joseph Pilates originally designed the system for boxers! — and our very own Q Shillingford MBE from Heart of Portsmouth Boxing.

The studio has five teachers and is open seven days a week, with classes to suit beginners through to experts. If, like me, you want to get stronger, have had enough of your thunderthighs or ever-expanding tummy, or are fed up of your big butt, pop along and have a go!