Love Southsea


Designer, Editor, Social, Blogger, Vlogger, Traveler

“This is the best thing ever” — me, every day, about something different.

Occasionally punny. Words/design/photos at Team Locals and Love Southsea. Passionate about travel, animation (particularly Pixar), language, film, web culture, social media, rap, and writing. Digital editor and content creator. Workaholic. Insomniac. Supporter of shorts and enemy of suits. European frequenter. Vlogger. Unofficial brother of Lauren.

Lauren Piper

Digital Artist, Traditionalist Signwriter

One half of 2Sisters, creators of a hand-painted bespoke range of decorative signage, and digital graphic designer and illustrator. Lover of beautiful traditional typography, Harry Potter, floral crowns, taking awkward selfies with celebrities at movie premieres, and, of course, the beautiful town of Southsea. Unofficial sister of Jeeves.

Kirsty Wright

Print Designer & Illustrator

I'm a designer currently based in Southsea. After graduating with a Degree in Fashion and Textiles at the University of Portsmouth, I began my career as a Printed Textile Designer.

With a background in Fine Art, I love to use hand drawn motifs inspired by nature and botanicals that I aspire to combine with print to create unique and intricate designs for fabrics.

Kirsty Wright Illustrator

Kingsley Nebechi

Digital Artist and Illustrator

Born in Florence, Italy. I spent my childhood observing my dad creating architectural drawings and my mother doodling amazing patterns during her phone conversations.

Inspired by colourful comics, women's fashion, pin-up art, and all types of unspeakable outlandish musings.

Available for commissions or maybe conversations about italian food recipes (if you have any good ones to exchange).

Jasmine Drew

I'm a freelance illustrator and marketing assistant based in Portsmouth. Since leaving school, I completed a BTEC in Art & Design and went on to graduate with a degree in Illustration. My degree taught me how to visually communicate ideas through thorough research and experimentation, both for clients and in my own work.

I enjoy studying many subjects and working in a variety of different art media. This usually leads me to create mixed-media works, ranging from traditional materials to digital media. Recent commissions include promotional imagery, T-Shirt designs, album covers, tattoo designs, and portraits.


Illustrator, Artist, and Student

My name is Alfie Thomas Passingham. I am a ginger-bearded illustrator from London, currently studying at the University of Portsmouth. I co-own a very small clothing company, Co Conspirators Clothing. I make art prints to sell in my spare time between uni and seeing my girlfriend, so I don’t have much!

I make illustrations for various clothing lines and also design logos for companies. My work is hand drawn using fine liners and Posca pens in black and white, then sometimes manipulated in Photoshop to add colour. It has a graphic, clean feel to it using naval emblems and traditional tattoos as inspiration.