Love Southsea Postcard Tin: Nautical Blue

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Love Southsea Postcard Tin: Nautical Blue


12 Love Southsea postcard designs in a new limited-edition tin, featuring a beautiful nautical design by Southsea illustrator and signwriter Lauren Piper.

Featured artworks are:

  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea by Jeeves Williams
  • Love Southsea Sailor Man by Kingsley Nebechi
  • Work Like A Captain, Play Like A Pirate by Kingsley Nebechi
  • Port Out, Starboard Home by Lauren Piper
  • Love Southsea Classic Anchor by Kingsley Nebechi
  • Save the Pier by Kingsley Nebechi
  • Revenge of the Ultrasaurus by Kingsley Nebechi
  • Love Southsea Anchor Girl by Kingsley Nebechi
  • Sold to the Southsea Show by Jeeves Williams
  • King Kong Spinnaker Tower by Jeeves Williams
  • The Dapper Dandy Seagull by Jeeves Williams
  • Southsea Dragon by Dan Cook

Send the postcards and keep the tin — use it for storage, nail it to a wall to make a tiny shelf, or turn it into a boat for your pet turtle.

All postcard rears feature a sleek riff on our classic bird and anchor artwork, as below:

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