Love Southsea and South Coast Emporium

Stop keeping your stuff in the garage!

We've partnered with South Coast Emporium, an eclectic shop of miscellanies comprised of the creations of countless local artists, crafters, collectors, and traders. You can now book space at the emporium here online! This is the perfect way to shift your beautiful products out of storage and into a popular thriving space for thousands of shoppers to peruse and buy.

  • Large spaces or small shelves available, depending on your needs
  • You can come and pick up your stock any day you need it for a market
  • South Coast Emporium is fully-manned for you — just set up your space and leave the team to manage sales!
  • It's open seven days per week, from 9am 'til 5pm
  • They host live music on the weekends, in their stylish coffee bar area
  • South Coast Emporium is sited right in the heart of Southsea, between the busy Albert Road and Elm Grove shopping streets

Simply add the spaces below to your cart — three months minimum for 3metre by 2metre and 2metre by 1.5metre spaces and six months minimum for 40cm by 40cm table spaces — and let us know what you'll be selling, and we'll be swiftly in touch to get your space at South Coast Emporium set up!

£1,200 for 3 months

£600 for 3 months

£120 for 6 months

Where is South Coast Emporium?

South Coast Emporium is located on the corner of Elm Grove, curving around towards Albert Road, perfectly sited between two of Southsea's most popular shopping streets.