Survey for Love Southsea Market TRADERS

Hello! We’re looking to gain your perspective about the impact of our Love Southsea Markets on the local community. Our hope is to better understand and contribute to building up Southsea’s community and culture. Your responses will be kept confidential and anonymous.

You should be able to complete the survey within three minutes or less. A report of our findings will be made available upon request.

The final section allows you to opt into a prize draw in return for a more detailed 30-minute interview with you. This is totally optional. The prize is a free pitch at one of our markets!

Many thanks! — The Love Southsea team

General Information
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Household Composition *
Do you live in Southsea?
If you live in Southsea, how long do you plan to stay here? *
If you don’t live in Southsea, when do you plan to live here? *
What is your working status? *
Do you perceive yourself as more of a trader, or more of a creative?
What is your opinion of the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impact of the Love Southsea Markets?
The Love Southsea Markets positively impact: *
The Love Southsea Markets positively impact:
Employment opportunities
Your business skills
Number of out-of-town visitors
My source of revenue
Business opportunities
Local economy
Southsea’s cultural identity
Community pride
Social interaction
Bring the community together
Space in local shops and facilities
Crime and vandalism
Diversity and inclusion in the community
Appearance of the Palmerston Road precinct
Traffic in the area
Waste in the area
Noise level
Open-Ended Questions
Interview Prize Draw
Enter our prize draw for taking an interview with Love Southsea!
If you let us interview you for 30 minutes about the Love Southsea Markets, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. The prize is a free pitch at a Love Southsea Market!