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Below are the terms and conditions traders must agree to prior to booking any events with Love Southsea, including street markets in Palmerston Roads and markets as part of larger events. Bookings made through the 'Book A Pitch' section of our website cannot be completed without checking compliance with these terms and conditions. We penned these terms and conditions in a way which we believe protects Love Southsea whilst remaining fair and agreeable to traders. Thus, we can continue providing top-quality trading opportunities for the independents of Southsea, Portsmouth, and wider Hampshire!

1) Each trader must have knowledge on how to put up their marquee and ensure they have help unloading and constructing their own stand if needed. 2) Traders must have their own marquee, as Love Southsea cannot provide marquees. Some events do not require marquees as they take place beneath larger canvas marquees or tents. 3) We will need 4-5 photos of your current stock (this is for our records and for promotion for the market online). 4) All payments will need to be delivered to us and cleared a full 10 days before the event date, or otherwise stated by Love Southsea. 5) Site layout will be sent out via email 5 days before the event. 6) Traders must take responsibility for the cleanliness of their market area, taking away all their own rubbish at the end day. 7) Traders must hold valid public liability insurance with during all trading hours. 8) Refunds due to any cancelations need to be in writing via email to three weeks prior to the event by the vendor. Please note that any refunds will have a 10% charge deducted. 9) We can supply electricity at some events, mainly our Palmerston Road markets, through Portsmouth City Council. However, please note that electrical faults may arise. Love Southsea cannot be held responsible for electrical faults. 10) Love Southsea has the right to cancel any event at any time. 11) For safety reasons, Love Southsea requires all traders to respect a 3mph speed limit on the Palmerston Road precinct. Please also ensure that your hazard lights remain on while driving on the precinct. 12) For the sake of brevity in getting markets set up in the Palmerston Road precinct, we require traders to ensure any non-trading vehicles they have on-site are not blocking the path of other traders who wish to manoeuvre their vehicles through the precinct in a safe and sensible manner. If your vehicle is blocking the path of another vehicle, we require that you politely alter the positioning of your vehicle where possible. 13) Whilst setting up your stand, please be mindful of your area. Any potentially dangerous obstacles such as low-hanging wires should either be appropriately moved, or reported to the market manager. If you feel like objects around your pitch area could be dangerous, eg, dangling wires, please let us know. Please make sure that any stock which you have out the front of your 3metre by 3metre space is not an obvious trip hazard. 14) Please keep to your position as shown on the map attached pertaining to the relevant market as to avoid confusion during setup. Love Southsea retains the right to move your position at any given time. 15) Love Southsea will promote all events in various publications, websites, radio, posters, flyers, etc. 16) Love Southsea take no responsibility for footfall to any event. 17) Love Southsea cannot take any responsibility for any stock damaged or stolen. 18) Love Southsea cannot take responsibility for any unsold stock. 19) Love Southsea cannot take any responsibility for the weather. 20) By paying any deposit for ‘an event’, the customer is confirming that they have read and understood the terms and conditions. 21) All deposits for shows are non-refundable. All pitch fees are non-transferable (for example, if you are sick or worried about the weather you cannot switch to another date or event, and your money will be forfeited.) 22) Should you book through a third party, Love Southsea retains the right to reject your trading space at any time. 23) If Love Southsea is forced to cancel a market or event due to adverse weather conditions, you won't have had a chance to trade, and thus we can transfer your money for the market or event in question to another market or event within a six month period after the cancelled market or event. We cannot refund. Please check the Love Southsea website the evening prior to an event, from 9:00pm onwards, for warning banners regarding weather-borne cancellations — storm information is volatile and fluctuates in our area and thus it is impossible to decide whether to go forward with markets until very soon beforehand. 24) All traders must be off the Palmerston Road precinct by 6:30pm at the very latest, at which time the precinct gates must be locked. Anyone still on the precinct after this time will be fined £20.00 per hour for every hour that they remain. 25) Note that our payment system takes seven days to clear, and thus, any refunds will have to be issued after this point. If you book accidentally and require a refund, this will incur a 4% charge. 26) Love Southsea retains the right at any event to change your pitch position should the need arise. 27) In the event that you book the wrong pitch size in error, and wish to change to a smaller or larger pitch size, a transfer fee of £30.00 will be incurred to cover the cost of processing this change. 28) Traders who pay a deposit on a festival/market for which Love Southsea is processing bookings will forfeit their deposit in the event that they don’t follow through with the remainder of their payment for the event, regardless of attendance.


For larger events, our general terms and conditions don't quite cover everything. If this is the case, we'll be sure to let you know! Whilst booking trading pitches at larger events such as Mutiny Festival, check the terms and conditions whilst going through the booking process so you know what the differences are, so you stay in the know.


At Love Southsea, we strive to make our terms and conditions as clear and concise as possible, but if you're having a bit of difficulty understanding one of the clauses, email us using the form below! By notifying us of potentially confusing language, you'll be helping to improve the accessibility of our terms and conditions for future events.

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