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Unbreaking my back by learning to breathe, with Wow Clinic

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For the past five years, my back pain has been getting steadily but significantly worse. Fellow self-employed people might relate to that tendency to shrug things like this off, because you’re too razor-focused on being as productive as possible. But a few months ago, around the start of the year, the back pain became so intense that it often hurt just to stand up. I couldn’t ignore it any more!

I’m guest speaking ‘You Will Fail Her’ at the New Theatre Royal!

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All my life, I’ve battled with dyslexia — even the word dyslexia is hard to spell! Luckily, I can talk for England and my confidence is sky-high, so I’m excited to be one of the guest speakers at You Will Fail Her, a collaboration between New Theatre Royal resident artist Jon Adams and neurodivergent arts organization DYSLPA taking place on Thursday 21st/Friday 22nd September.